Friday, October 06, 2006

Booya, feetfeet

Ok, my 3 year old has a foot fetish. I think he thinks my feet are his own personal pets. He loves my feet, loves to play with them, loves to put them up to his face, loves to kiss them. Sick. Gross. Whatever. So the other day, we were watching America's Funniest Videos. We were all laughing. Dayson just grabs my foot and said, "Look feetfeet, its funny" and points my foot at the TV. On a seperate, but related note, my 3 year old also has a new favorite word (besides feetfeet). Booya. He always says it. Playing outside. Booya. Yelling at his brothers. Booya-head. Watching tv. Booya. Getting the mail. Booya. Wierd. I don't know where he comes up with these things. I don't know where he heard the word. I don't know why he loves it so.

So last night was my night. I love watching TV on Thursdays. I love the Office, my name is Earl, Grey's Anatomy and ER. But last night we didn't record Survivor. I was more than a bit annoyed! Thankgoodnes for the computer, so I could go and read a recap! How did I ever survive without my DVR and computer?! Oh, and LOST. I love that show! I'm so glad that it has started again. And I love to get on the computer after I watch it, and go to a certain website and read what everyone thought of it, and what they saw that I missed. Then I like to go back, and re-watch it so I can see what I missed! Seriously, how did I survive without DVR and my computer?


Blogger Jodi said...

Hello addict! At least it's just Thursday. Mine is every morning- cartoons with the boys. Still, Slade is on the foot thing too. Perhaps it's the day they were born.

1:27 PM  
Blogger Kellie Larsen said...

ok Greys was great! I didn't get to see earl or the office but i them them as well! I seriously am loving my tivo thingy too!

9:37 PM  

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