Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A little suprise before seeing Santa

So we had a fun afternoon planned. When the boys got home from school, we were going to head over to the primary Christmas party. I had been doing laundry all day, and needed to change into some clean clothes. I was standing in the hallway-next to the pile of clean clothes-half naked, trying to change. The next thing I hear is Tyson walking in the house, talking to a friend. They both turn the corner and see me there, not quite dressed. ACK!!! I hurried and pulled up my pants, then asked Tyson why he had a friend here. He told his friend about our "plan". I didn't know we had a plan. One time I had told him that we should see if his friend could walk home from school with him instead of riding the bus. I didn't talk to his friend's mom. I didn't even mention it to Tyson that morning. But Tyson and his friend had decided that they were going to follow the "plan". So after calling the other mom, I took his friend to the party. It was pretty crazy, but my boys loved seeing Santa. Everyone went up there willingly, so I was happy to take some cute pictures!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Dayson's thoughts on dating...

Dayson and I went on a date last week, since Tyson and Cash went to the movies with their cousin. We went to dinner (Panda Express), then got ice cream. I thought it was a great date, and it was so fun to spend time with just him. As we were driving home, I asked him if he liked his date. He said no. What?!?! Why not? Mom, we didn't kiss. When you go on dates, you are supposed to kiss. Apparently Scott had told him that you were only supposed to kiss on dates. So he thought he had to have a kiss for it to be a good date. Hopefully I can change that way of thinking before he is old enough to go on dates with anyone besides his mom!

We have a biter.

We have a biter was what the doctor announced when she delivered D-since he tried to bite the nose sucker as they were trying to clean him up. He has grown up a bit, but he's still a biter. This is the face you see as he tries to attack you, biting your cheek, hand, or anything that is close to his mouth.
Since he turned 4 months (wow, that went really fast!) we decided to start cereal. He's doing great with it. After about a week of it, he's finally starting to get the idea down of how to eat it, not just spit it back out.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

When you knock on our door, you might hear...

Cash explaining to the boy who was looking to play with Tyson (who was gone-so he got to hear this conversation instead). I think the boy asked if Cash and Dayson were twins. Cash told him no, that he was older, and Dayson was younger. Dayson is bigger and stronger, but Cash was faster and smarter. Dayson was standing next to him, and just nodded and said, "Yup." I about died laughing. Cash didn't seem at all bothered that Dayson was bigger than him, so that is good. I hope that he always is ok with it, because Dayson is always going to be bigger!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Happy Birthday Tyson!!

We had a great time for Tyson's birthday. I had an even better time making his cake. I really love making cakes!!

new pictures for Angie

Ok, here are some new pictures so Angie will quit bugging me to update my blog. They are some outtakes of a little photo shoot I did of the boys for Christmas cards.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Drawing names for Christmas

Ok, Julie and drew names for Christmas, and here's the list.

Autumn gives to Diedrick
Heather gives to Leah
Morgan gives to Logan
Hyrum gives to Cash
Joshua gives to Zachary

JD gives to Autumn
Jerin gives to Tyler
Jesse gives to Isaac

Christopher gives to Morgan
Jacob gives to JD
Logan gives to Jesse
Isaac gives to Hyrum
Zachary gives to Slade
Rebekah gives to Joshua
Kaitlyn gives to Scott

Brigham gives to Dayson
Sarah gives to Rebekah
Leah gives Christopher
Rachel gives to Jacob

Slade gives to Brigham
Scott gives to Kaitlyn

Tyler gives to Tyson

Tyson gives to Rachel
Cash gives to Sarah
Dayson gives to Jerin
Diedrick gives to Heather

Friday, October 19, 2007

Picture day

Picture day at school is always an exciting day. This year was Cash's first time, and I don't know if he got caught up in the excitement, or if he was just dissapointed that he didn't get a new haircut like his friends, but he came home from school and decided that he was going to give himself a new haircut. He got Scotts clippers, and cut a chunck out of the front of his hair. Then he wet his hair down and came in to show me. He just casually asked if I liked his hair. I didn't really notice, since when he wet it down, his longer hair covered his bald spot. Ya, sure, I like your hair. He kept telling me to look at it (I was starting to get a bit irritated, since I was trying to cook dinner). Finally I realized what he did. We waited until dad got home to cut it, since I wanted Scott to see Cash's hair for himself.

So Scott came home from work and shaved Cash's hair all off. Cash took one look in the mirror and burst into tears, sobbing "I'm BAAAALLLLDDDDD!" He cried for a long long long time. When we got him calmed down enough to talk, he told us he didn't want to go to school, since all the kids would laugh at him. We told him he had to go to school. Then he asked if he could have a wig. Nope, he had to go to school without a wig. Next he asked if he could wear a hat to school. Sorry, no hats at school, thats the rule. More tears. Then Scott tried to talk to him, saying that now they both had the same hair cut. Cash said he didn't want his dad's hair cut, it was ugly.

The next day, after much reassuring that it was going to be ok, we forced him to go to school, with no wig or hat. When he got home, we asked him if anyone noticed his hair. He said that kids made fun of him, calling him "baldy" and "girl lover". Poor boy.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Its ok mom, because I didn't drop him.

Ok, I had thought I had things going ok. I thought things were under control. Nope. My baby survived his first encounter with Dayson torture today. Diedrick was sleeping in his crib, and Dayson was watching TV in my room. I was just finishing up the circle journal. I heard the baby fuss a little, and Dayson laughing. Dayson came out of the baby's room and said that he was waking up. I went in and checked on him, and I saw that the rocking chair had been pushed up against the crib, and Diedrick was in a different spot in his crib. Then we had a conversation that went something like this:
Dayson: I picked up DG (what the boys call him) by his toes. *laughing*
Me: Do you mean you lifted up his legs? *panicking*
Dayson: No, I lifted him clear up. But its ok, because I didn't drop him! *very proud of himself*
It was a very good thing for me that I was able to drop Dayson off an hour later to his first day of preschool. He loved it, and he loved his teacher. He was so excited to come home and do his homework like his brothers. He even minded his teacher and followed the rules (there are a lot of them!). But he didn't sing, because he was too shy.

Today was the first day that I've felt overwhelmed with 4 boys. When Tyson and Cash got home from school, and everyone emptied out their backpacks and Diedrick was hungry and everyone wanted me to look at each paper. So I started feeding the baby, and I was reading with Cash, while trying to look over Tyson's tests, and get Dayson a snack. Then the phone rang. Tyson's football team still doesn't have a coach, and their first game is next week, and all the other teams have already been practicing. Is there any way I can coach. No, but I'll organize the first practice so that we won't be totally unprepared for our first game. So then I made 13 phone calls telling everyone when and where we are going to practice, and calling my husband and asking him to coach at least the first practice.

Then we had to get the circle journal sent off, and send a package to Angie (she had her baby!). But I couldn't find the right size envelopes to put in the package (to go with the cards Cash and I made Angie-but that's a whole other blog!). Two stores later, I found them, got the boxes taped up and dropped the packages in the mail. Whew!!

Then its home for dinner. Then the doorbell rings, and its Tyson's scout leader, reminding us that tomorrow will be the rain gutter regatta. So we had to paint his boat. But first we had to find the paint. Couldn't do it. I looked all through the house and garage, and there was no sign of the 7 bottles of paint that I bought for the pinewood derby. Finally I remember I have some in my scrapbook supply. But then I didn't have any paintbrushes. So I just put the paint directly on the boat and Tyson smeared it around with a paper towel. Then he painted the designs on with a Q-tip. Now we just need to get it glued together and we are good to go!