Sunday, November 05, 2006

some random thoughts, and a cute story

I am so glad that Halloween is over. The night of our trunk-or-treat (Sat, not on Halloween) we went to a suprise party for Scott's best friend from High School. We were fortunate enough to be able to leave the kids at home with LaRae, who happened to be in town. So we went and at dinner in Kanab, then went out in the hills and had a bonfire with about 15 of their friends. It really reminded me of high school. Then we got to a rough part of the road, and we crammed 9 of us in the front of a truck...then it really reminded me of high school-except in high school we were all alot smaller! It was fun to see my husband relax, and just enjoy himself, and have fun. I don't really see that very much. Then, we got home at 2 AM, and had to get up and I went to church an hour early (8AM) to practice for the primary program. thank goodness for the time change! Then we had the primary program. I love my boys, and they did such a great job. It is amazing to me that they are so different. Who would have ever thought that Cash would be shy? He realy didn't like getting up there in front of the microphone and saying his part, then he stomped off to the side and glared at everyone. Then he jumped off the stairs as they were going down to where the sunbeams were sitting. He does know how to make people laugh, though. Then there is Tyson. Definately my child. Loves getting up there, doing his part and singing his little heart out.
Now, for Halloween. That was one busy day. Cash had his preschool party in the morning, and then we all went to Tyson's party in the afternoon. It was great (except the part where Dayson kept trying to go into different classrooms). As soon as we got home, I started making dinner. We ate at 4:30, then got dressed up, and started T-or-Ting at 5. I got Dayson in his superman costume, then when I was putting Cash in his spiderman costume, Dayson kept pulling me. Finally, he said, "Mom, put my cape on or I will die!"
"No, you aren't going to die."
"Yes I will, if I'm up flying in the air, and I don't have a cape on, I will die!"
"Ok honey, I'll put your cape on."
The boys had a great time, and we stayed out for 2 hours, then stopped by Target to show Daddy our costumes. Then when we got home, the boys had a blast giving out candy. We had set out our candy on the porch while we were out T-or-Ting, so of course it was gone, but little Cash is so nice, and started giving away all his candy. I stopped him, and we sorted through, and kept all the good stuff, and gave away all the yucky stuff (like sweet tarts and smarties and jawbreakers). I feel like I've taught my boys well!


Blogger Jodi said...

What a mom you are. And cool kids. Holy cow- 9 people in the front of a truck? We never were able to do that in high school. Good job!

2:25 PM  
Blogger Susan said...

Yahoo for you. I can't believe you enjoy Halloween. It is so much work and all you get is candy and tired kids out of the deal. Granted, your kids are adorable. I love Dayson's laws of physics. Now I know it is the cape.

We did our primary program last week. I love the program but I like it better when I am watching it from the audience. This year I had a part and had to sit by my Sunbeams. Later

8:42 PM  
Blogger Familia Big Castle said...

That sounds fun... HS was fun... being an adult gets a little exhausting. I almost shed a tear thinking about Scott. I think my husband is in the same boat. Very rarely does he get to really have some fun.

You are a super mom. Wow. You actually do all of the things I think about doing. I'll bet you can fly without a cape!

Love ya!

8:32 AM  
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