Sunday, November 19, 2006

Its time for the stress

Ok, so I've tried to remain pretty calm about the whole feeding 37 people at my house for Thanksgiving thing. I really tried. But it is all falling apart. If I hear my husband say that I am going to make an e-coli turkey one more time, I'm seriously going to blow a gasket. So I bought my turkey on Thursday, and then one on Friday. I put them right into the fridge to defrost. According to my ever so smart husband, my turkey is going to be infested with e-coli by the time Thanksgiving rolls around, and I will make my whole family sick. Why did it work out that he only has to work one day this week? Why??!!?? I don't work well when he is around, because he focuses on totally different things. I just wanted to make sure that the turkey would be thawed and marinated before we cooked it. I figured that it would be ok. He worrys I'm going to get my whole family sick.
But its all going to be ok, because I made a plan of attack. Monday I've gotta clean, and put up more decorations. I'm also making the cranberry sauce, veggie dip and chex mix. Jodi is arriving.
Tuesday, I'm making the rolls, cornbread cranberry muffins, and my visiting teachers are going to stop by.
Wednesday, I'm making the first turkey, rainbow jello and green bean salad. Julie will get here late, and mom and dad are arriving. I think Steve is coming today also, and possibly Jan.
Thursday...the big day...all I've gotta do is make the other turkey, the ham, the corn, and keep everybody happy until all the food is cooked and ready to eat.
Friday is Tyson's baptism. The time is still undecided, because Scott and I are having a hard time agreeing on that.
Saturday, I guess Scott is taking the boys over to Kanab. I'll hang out with my family.
How does that sound? Ok, who am I kidding, I'm stressed just writing it!


Blogger Emilie Ahern said...

OOF! Sounds like a lot to be stressed about...that's a lot of food!

I don't think anyone will die if the turkeys cook to the proper temp. No worries!

2 turkeys and a ham? You are a super-woman!

11:05 AM  
Blogger Susan said...

Just relax. It is just family. Iff we loose a couple to e-coli there plenty still around.

Seriously, just cook it to proper temp and you will be fine. You really do go overboard a bit. Why are you doing so much stuff? Relax and enjoy the holiday. LOL

8:56 PM  

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