Sunday, December 24, 2006

Gotta love the holidays!

Its been a great week here. Yesterday was a fabulous birthday!! My sweet hubby had asked each of the boys what they wanted to give me. Tyson said a necklace, Cash said roses and Dayson said cake (are you surprised?) So my hubby got those so the boys could give them to me. I asked Cash how he knew I liked roses, and he said, "One time dad got these for you, and you said 'I love these' so I knowed that you loved roses." So cute! And the roses are beautiful. The best thing about this birthday was that my hubby listened and remembered little details. Like my cake. He knows that I love German chocolate, so he almost got that, but he remembered me saying I've been craving oreos this week, so he bought me an oreo cake. How sweet is that? And he didn't get me anything to do with carpets this year!!! I got a new lens for my camera, which I had been wanting for quite a while! I tell you, I'm in love! And my sisters got me some fabulous stuff too, that just made my day! Then me and hubby went out for a romantic dinner. It is always so nice to go out without the kids! I think the best part of the whole day is Dayson didn't have one accident!!! The first time ever!!!

Ok, so now its Sunday. Church was crazy. I tried to hustle, cuz I needed to get there a little early to set everything up, and make sure my music was there and everything. I didn't make it. I was 10 minutes late. I had to leave my boys and run get my music. And Scott had to work. But it went ok. The kids sang their primary songs really cute, and I just made Dayson go up with them, since he's bigger than most the sunbeams anyway. I always wish I could just sit and watch them, but someone has to play the piano, right? Then I had to get them down, and dear Karly sat with them while I played the flute for the next choir song. The only time during the whole meeting that the boys were quiet was when they were sitting with Karly. After that, when I went down to sit with them, they were fighting, and yelling, and laughing and climbing everywhere. My favorite moment of church was when they were passing out the sacrament, and Dayson and Cash saw some girl take 2 pieces of bread. They yelled out, "Mom, she took 2 pieces!" Then even louder, they yelled at her, "You're not supposed to take 2 pieces, just one!" Then back to me, "Mom, she took 2 pieces!!!" Yes, I get it, she took 2 pieces, but BE QUIET!!! Dayson was quite distraught that we only had sacrament today, and no nursery. So what did he do? He came home and pooped in his pants. So much for me thinking that we were potty trained. Oh well.

Oh, and one last quick story about last night. We were taking neighborhood treats around, and the boys would take turns taking the gift to the door, and the other one would ring the doorbell. It was going ok, until one house, of a family who they all like. Dayson was carrying it, and Cash was supposed to ring the bell, but then Cash wanted to hold it, and was trying to take it from Dayson. Then he started hitting him, then yanking on him, and the gift. It was about this time that the door opened. Instead of giving the gift, the boys kept fighting, for another whole, long embarrassing minute, with me yelling to give it, and the lady at the door trying to take it. Oh, the joys of boys, right?


Blogger Jodi said...

What a holiday! Happy birthday and good job Scott! I am proud of you and all your church music stuff. I'm not going to learn to play anything. Good job with your boy Dayson. One day accident free is a huge accomplishment. Have a good one.

7:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So much holiday fun!

I especially loved the fighting at the door story.

5:34 PM  
Blogger Familia Big Castle said...

I am sorry to take joy in your horror... but it is so good to hear that things like that happen to other people. If it would have been our treats on a paper plate with a scrap of plastic wrap pretending to cover it... it would have been on the ground destroyed.

And, hey, no fair only having sacrament meeting. We had the whole she-bang (do you think that slang word has its beginnings in the Navajo language? You know, she-ma... she-yazh...she-dought...

Love you... Happy New Year!

11:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i love how sweet your boys are, at least they think of you!

11:16 PM  

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